Outside Mount Designer Frame

By Coverly Shutters

The Designer Frame

What is the Designer Frame?


The designer frame is an outside mount frame option that provides a more decorative option than the outside mount L frame 

“Outside Mount” means the shutters is mounted outside the window frame, usually used in situations where there is not enough window depth to mount an inside mount shutter.

designer frame


The dimensions of the Designer Frame can be found below:

designer frame

The choice to use a designer frame usually comes out of necessity due to the need for an outside mount, but that does not mean it is not still a beautiful shutter. 

  • Composite Wood: 2 ½" required clearance
  • Painted/Stained Wood: ¼”  required clearance

If you are mounting outside of molding and do not meet the clearance requirements, we will "build out" the frame to extend past the obstruction/molding and allow full operation of the shutter. We will be able to see this in the photo uploaded during the design process and add it to the manufacturing process. We will notify you if this is needed for your window.