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Stained Wood Plantation Shutter

Stained Wood Plantation Shutter

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Stained Wood Plantation Shutter Info

Stained Wood Plantation Shutters are built with a beautiful North American basswood that is handpicked for every shutter to ensure pristine quality and appropriate natural finishes.

Choose from 9 different stains and customize even further with features like split tilt and hidden tilt.

Check out the "Specs" tab to read up on all the nitty-gritty, technical details of our stained wood plantation shutters. →

Crafted with Care

The wood used in our shutters is harvested using smart and environmentally conscious methods that prioritize minimal waste. Every stage of our harvesting process is meticulously planned and executed to ensure that each tree provides maximum yield, reducing our ecological footprint.

Stained Wood Plantation Shutter Colors

Choose from multiple colors to match your interior.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Coverly hybrid shutters are built with a solid hardwood interior and a polyresin exterior. This construction provides durability, stability, and resistance to moisture, making them ideal for various environments. Coverly painted wood shutters are made from a hardwood that is hand-sanded and painted. Our stained wood shutters are made from North American basswood that is hand-picked by our professionals.

Not all window sizes, but most. The standard window sizes you find in a home are almost always suitable for plantation shutters. The maximum width is 120”, the maximum height is 144”, the minimum width is 12” and the minimum height is 24”.

Absolutely! The sturdy composite construction, along with the adjustable louvers, helps to regulate the amount of heat and light entering your space. By allowing you to control ventilation and natural light, plantation shutters can help reduce heating and cooling costs in your home.

Coverly shutters are made right here in North America. The main plant is located in Mexico.

The solid construction and the ability to close the louvers tightly create an additional barrier that helps to minimize outside noise intrusion. Installing plantation shutters can contribute to a quieter and more peaceful indoor environment.

Yes, very easy to clean. The smooth coating on our shutters allows for effortless wiping with a soft cloth or gentle cleaning solution. Their durable construction minimizes the accumulation of dust and dirt, making them a practical and low-maintenance window treatment option.