Fit-Right Guarantee

The biggest concern we hear from customers is “what if the shutters don’t fit?” We understand the concern, which is why we introduced the Fit-Right Guarantee. 

If your Coverly shutters don't fit to the point that they are inoperable*, don't worry! Notify us within 30 days of receiving your order, and we'll manufacture new shutters in the dimensions you need, at no extra cost. You'll only be responsible for the shipping fee of $85 per shutter.

Important Points to Consider:

  • You're entitled to a maximum of one (1) remake per order.
  • Remade shutters must be of the same type, color, and include the identical features and options you initially chose.
  • Photographic evidence may be necessary for validation.
  • The remade product will only be shipped to the original name and delivery address.

An additional freight charge of $95 will be applied to remade shutters exceeding 92" in either width or height. Please note that shutters covered by the Fit-Right Guarantee policy are not eligible for returns. This offer is available one time per person per lifetime.

*(A plantation shutter is considered "inoperable" due to mis-measurement if the dimensions of the shutter frame/panels are either too small to securely attach within the designated mounting space or too large to fit within the window opening.)