Window Labeling Guide For Plantation Shutters

Coverly's Guide to Labeling Windows

Step 1: Identify the Room Name

Begin by identifying the names of the rooms where the shutters will be installed. This could include common areas like the living room, bedroom, kitchen, or specific room names based on your home's layout. Make a list of these room names for reference.

Step 2: Number the Windows from Left to Right

Once you have identified the room names, focus on numbering the windows within each room. Start with the leftmost window and proceed to the right. Assign a sequential number to each window in the order in which they appear. For example:

  • Living Room 1
  • Living Room 2
  • Bedroom 1
  • Bedroom 2

Step 3: Apply the Labels (Optional)

Label each window accordingly using the room name and number. You can use small, removable stickers or labels that won't damage the window frame.

Step 4: Input Room Label When Ordering

When placing your order, provide the window labels on the Plantation Shutter Product Page. Include the room names and window numbers for each window where shutters will be installed. This will ensure that the packaging and labeling on the shutters match your window labels, making it easier for you to sort and install the shutters correctly.