Top 5 Do's and Don'ts When Handling Plantation Shutters

By Coverly Shutters

If you've decided to dress up your windows with plantation shutters, let's start with a standing ovation! You, my friend, have impeccable taste. But remember, just like a fine potion needs the right stirring technique, exquisite plantation shutters demand a certain finesse in handling. Oh, yes! Each tweak or turn, small or big, can make a world of a difference. 

 So, how do you do justice to your elegant window treatments? That's what we're here to discuss today! We're going to decode the dos and don'ts, and dish out some insider secrets on best practices and common mistakes when handling plantation shutters. Brace yourself, it's going to be a fun ride! 

What's on the Menu? 

  1. Smart Cleaning Techniques for those Pure Whitewash Shutters
  2. No-Panic Pyrotechnics: Safe Distance from Heat Sources
  3. Tender Loving Care: Constitutional Checks and Regular Maintenance
  4. Operation Shutters: Unveiling the Art of Proper Opening and Closing
  5. Oops I Did it Again: Common Mistakes to Avoid
"Plantation shutters are like the classic button-up shirt in your wardrobe - timeless, versatile, and a little bit demanding!"

Let's jump right in, shall we?

Ever dreamed about snackin' on celery without bothering about the crunching noise? Thought about singing in the shower without worrying about the privacy? The answer's simple, my friend—plantation shutters! Not only do they add a suave aesthetic touch to your house, but they also lend an excellent hand in maintaining privacy and light control. Now that's what I call a win-win! But hold your horses before you start installing them; we have some dos, don'ts, and major facepalm moments to discuss here. 

First up, the golden rule—Measure twice, order once! Don't we scoff at the mere thought of purchasing a million-dollar couture, only to find that it's a size too small? It's the same with plantation shutters. Always take accurate measurements—it saves time, money and a whole ton of "Should've listened to my spouse" regrets. 

Ready to tackle the not-so-fun part—the installation? Don't fret, I'm backing you up! Plantation shutters look fancy, but they're not your regular high-maintenance prom date. Absolutely no need to ring up a McGyver when you can be one. So, keep handy those drills, screwdrivers, and spirit levels, and you'll be breezing through the installation in no time. 

Next, the crucial part—cleaning! Remember that ketchup stain on your fave Ralph Lauren shirt you thought could never wipe off, but did? Plantation shutter cleaning is no harder than that. Use a clean damp cloth or a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment. And trust me, ‘spit and polish' is a myth. 

While we're at it, let's talk about the ‘no-can-dos’. Never use harsh chemicals for cleaning. It's like feeding your kid five bars of chocolate before bedtime—chaos! It damages the finish and reduces the longevity. Another faux pas you want to avoid is sliding the shutters too roughly. They aren't meant to be treated like a NASCAR vehicle, okay?! 

Lose the stress lines—the learning curve for handling plantation shutters is smoother than George Clooney's pick-up lines. Follow these best practices and watch out for common goof-ups, and you will be sitting pretty (literally!) in no time. With plenty of light, privacy, and rustic elegance, you'll be left wondering, "How did I live without these shutters all my life?"

Let's dive(!) into the best practices first, shall we? 

  • Cleaning Made Easy: Got a dust bunny convention on your shutters? No problemo! Use a dry, soft cloth or a vacuum with a brush attachment to clean the louvers. Don't be tempted by water or harsh chemicals, folks. They're no friends to wooden shutters.
  • Light Manipulation: The art of controlling light isn’t just for photographers; it's for shutter owners too! Angle your louvers upwards to bounce the light towards the ceiling, creating a soft, indirect glow. Angle them down, and you'll have direct light pouring in, turning your room into a bright, sunny space. Woah, who needs a dimmer switch?
  • Maintenance Commendation: Instill a routine check on your shutters - look out for any chips, cracks, or warping. Find any? Don’t panic! A bit of minor maintenance can prevent a small issue from turning into big trouble.

Now, are you ready to learn from the boo-boos others have made? Great, because forewarned is forearmed. Here comes our list of common plantation shutter mistakes: 

  1. Fickle with the Tilt Rod: If you think your shutters are mood swings personified, maybe it's you, not them. Consistently yanking on the tilt rod can cause it to become loose or—even worse—break. Be delicate, will you?
  2. Improper Installation: We get it—you're the DIY king or queen. However, if shutters aren't your forte, avoid a wonky display by calling in the experts for the installation.
  3. Wrong Size Syndrome: Ever tried fitting into those skinny jeans from your college days? Yeah, don't do that with your shutters. Make sure your shutters fit well within the window frame. An ill-fitted shutter is as unflattering as those jeans, friend.

Keep these tips and warnings in mind, folks, and your relationship with your plantation shutters is sure to be a long, happy and well-lit one. A spot of wisdom though, remember our dear friend Shakespeare once said, "Expectation is the root of all heartache." So, give it your best shot, but remember—you're not going to be a plantation shutter expert overnight! That's what we are here for! Send us a message in the chatbox to get any of your plantation shutter questions answered.