Z Deco Frame

By Coverly Shutters

The Z Deco Frame

What is a Z Frame?

A Z-Frame is named after the Z-shaped structure of the frame and is specifically designed for an inside mount.

“Inside Mount” means the shutter is mounted within the window frame, as opposed to outside it, creating a streamlined look. 

 z deco frame

The dimensions of the Z Deco Frame can be found below:

z deco frame dimensions

Not all windows are suitable for the Z Deco Frame. Due to the nature of the frame, there must be no obstruction surrounding the window edges. This “obstruction” is typically molding/trim, tile, a door or another window (a window sill is okay). There must also be sufficient window depth for the frame to be mounted. 

The minimum depth requirements for a hidden tilt shutter are found below:

Note: These depth requirements are for a hidden tilt shutter.

A standard tilt shutter requires 1/4" less depth.

Painted & Stained Wood

2 ½” Louver

3 ½” Louver

4 ½” Louver

Z Elegance Frame


2 ⅛"

2 ⅝”

The Deco Z Frame adds an extra layer of style, making these shutters an excellent choice for those looking for a little more design in their shutters. This extra detail can complement various interior styles, adding a nice touch to any window.