Maximizing Your Home's Light with Plantation Shutters

By Coverly Shutters

Plantation Shutters: The Timeless Light Controllers 

Homes with natural light sell for 6.3% more on average. 

There's a certain magic to natural light. It dances around your room, casting lively shadows, and sets a mood that artificial lighting can never quite capture. But how can you harness this luminous wonder in your home without sacrificing privacy or style? Enter, plantation shutters. 

Large Louver Sizes: The Key to Unobstructed Natural Light 

Plantation shutters, with their large louver sizes, offer a solution to the age-old dilemma of light versus privacy. These wide slats allow ample amounts of sunlight to filter through, transforming your space with a warm, inviting glow. Not only do they promote a light-filled home, but they also grant you the ability to control just how much light streams in. And the best part? You won't have to compromise on style. Their timeless design offers a sleek, chic look that augments any home decor, making them a win-win for homeowners and potential buyers alike. 

Split-Tilt Option and Hidden Tilt: Maximizing Light and Style 

While large louver sizes are a game-changer, it's not the only feature of plantation shutters that makes them a top choice for homeowners. Introducing the split tilt option and hidden tilt - two innovative features that take light control to the next level. The split tilt allows you to independently adjust the top and bottom sections of the shutters, giving you even more control over the light and view you want. And the hidden tilt? It's perfect for those who prefer a clean, uncluttered look. This feature hides the tilt rod, meaning no more unsightly bars obstructing your view or stealing the spotlight from the beautiful woodwork. Plantation shutters, with their unrivaled style and versatility, let your home bask in the natural light it deserves.

More Light = Higher Utility Bill?

Who doesn't love basking in the glow of natural light? But, it often comes with a pesky increase in your utility bills. Once again, plantation shutters solve the problem. The natural energy efficient properties of plantation shutters are the cherry on top of their already considerable appeal. These shutters not only deliver a high degree of light control, but they also help insulate your home. The result? Comfortable interior environments all year round, without losing an ounce of style.

So there you have it folks, plantation shutters are not just a chic addition to your home's decor, they are your secret weapon for harnessing the power of natural light. They offer you the flexibility to control just how much light enters your home, and in what way. With their large louver sizes, split tilt options, and hidden tilt, you have the ability to reduce obstruction and bask in the glow of the sun. 

"Imagine waking up to softly filtered sunlight, or entertaining guests in a dining room bathed in a graceful, warm glow. The possibilities are endless."

But the beauty of these shutters goes beyond their functionality. Their timeless appeal effortlessly complements any home style, ensuring your windows look fantastic year after year. From the modern condo to the vintage cottage, every home deserves a touch of elegance that plantation shutters provide. 

  • Large louver sizes: Allow maximum light penetration
  • Split tilt options: Offer flexibility in light control
  • Hidden tilt: Provides minimal obstruction for a clear view

So why wait? Infuse your home with the natural light it deserves, while boosting your home's aesthetic appeal. Remember, good lighting can not only enhance the mood and ambiance of your home but can also significantly increase its value. Make the smart choice - let the sun shine in with plantation shutters!