Split Tilt Plantation Shutters

By Coverly Shutters

Technical Aspects of the Split Tilt Feature

The split tilt feature is a convenient and free upgrade in plantation shutters that sets Coverly apart from competitors. Technically, a split tilt allows the louvers on the same shutter panel to operate independently from each other. A tilt rod controls the upper and lower sections separately, granting the owner an exceptional degree of control over their window treatments. Hidden tilt shutters require a split on windows over 52" in height, as the louvers would be sustaining too much weight and would begin to sag over time without it. Coverly also allows customers to decide where they want their shutters to "split," giving a further degree of customization.

Read our split tilt measuring guide to learn more about how to take advantage of this feature when customizing your shutter.

split tilt shutter

The Privacy Convenience

One of the biggest advantages of split tilt shutters is the upgraded privacy they provide. With conventional shutters, you typically have to compromise between light and privacy.  However, the split tilt feature eliminates this trade-off. By controlling the lower and upper louvers separately, you can close the bottom section to maintain privacy while keeping the top section open to let in natural light. This flexibility is particularly beneficial in rooms like bathrooms and bedrooms, where privacy is a priority, but you still wish to make the most of the available natural light.


Light Control

The split tilt feature also significantly enhances light control, a critical aspect of any window treatment. With independent control of the lower and upper louvers, you can regulate light entering your room more effectively. For instance, during peak daylight hours, you can close the top section to reduce harsh sunlight and potential glare while keeping the bottom section open for adequate light. Similarly, during the golden hour, you can open the top section to enjoy the soft, warm light while maintaining privacy with the bottom section closed. This way, you can enjoy the best of both worlds – optimal light control and privacy without compromise.

The split tilt feature in our signature plantation shutters offered brings a new level of functionality and customization to window treatments. Whether you value enhanced privacy or precise light control, split tilt shutters deliver on all fronts. We're proud to provide this feature that sets us apart in the market and adds to the best window shutter offered online.