Collection: Transform your Bathroom with Plantation Shutters

Are you considering plantation shutters for a bathroom in your home? Great idea.

The wide variety of window treatment options can be overwhelming and it can be difficult to balance aesthetic with functionality. For a bathroom space, privacy is often the top priority. A plantation shutter provides the perfect solution to your bare bathroom window needs.

A very popular selection in bathrooms is a split tilt plantation shutter. There is no substitute for natural light and a split tilt shutter makes it possible to retain natural light and privacy at the same time. A split tilt option allows for one section of the shutter louvers to be closed and the other to remain open. Coverly shutters offer the luxury of customizing where the louvers are split. Oftentimes a center split will give you sufficient privacy by closing the bottom half of the louvers and letting in light through the top section. If a center split doesn't quite work for your bathroom, you can bring the split position up higher on the shutter to properly retain your privacy.

Example of a split tilt shutter:

split tilt bathroom plantation shutter that allows for both  privacy and natural light.

From an aesthetic perspective, plantation shutters complement most any bathroom design. Your bathroom may be dominated by white appliances, flooring and decor. If that is the case, a shutter will blend naturally into the ambiance of your bathroom. If there are only subtle strokes of white in your bathroom (like your toilet), a white plantation shutter will complement the subtleties and pop as a beautiful treatment in the room. From sleek and contemporary to rustic and traditional, we have the perfect plantation shutter to fit your bathroom windows.

If you are concerned about how you will keep shutters clean in a room that can get so dirty, we are here to calm your nerves. Plantation shutters could not be easier to clean. The low maintenance requirements of our shutters make them a hassle-free choice for busy homeowners. Simply wipe them down with a cloth if anything gets on them, and they will retain their pristine appearance for years to come.